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Ontario Nurses Association Collective Agreement 2018

Ontario Nurses Association Collective Agreement 2018: What You Need to Know

The Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) is the professional association representing registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and allied health professionals in Ontario. One of the most significant functions of the ONA is negotiating collective agreements on behalf of its members.

The most recent collective agreement negotiated by the ONA covers the period from January 1, 2018, to December 31, 2021. This agreement applies to approximately 65,000 registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals working in Ontario.

Some of the key highlights of the Ontario Nurses Association Collective Agreement 2018 include:

1. Wage Increases: The collective agreement provides for a 1.75% wage increase for all members retroactive to January 1, 2018, followed by a 1.75% increase on January 1, 2019, and a 1.6% increase on January 1, 2020. The final increase of 1.4% will take effect on January 1, 2021.

2. Benefits: The collective agreement also includes improvements to benefits, such as enhanced coverage for long-term disability, increased dental and vision coverage, and improvements to the sick leave plan. In addition, there will be an increase in the amount of professional development funding available to members.

3. Job Security: The collective agreement includes provisions that protect job security and ensure that members are not unfairly displaced or laid off. It also includes language that protects members` right to refuse unsafe work and requires employers to implement violence prevention programs.

4. Staffing: The agreement includes language that requires employers to maintain adequate staffing levels and to address workload issues that may affect patient care. It also includes provisions that ensure members have input into the development of staffing plans and that employers implement measures to address workplace violence and harassment.

5. Retirement Benefits: The agreement includes improvements to retirement benefits, such as an increase in the maximum payout for unused sick time and an increase in the employer`s contribution to the member`s pension plan.

Overall, the Ontario Nurses Association Collective Agreement 2018 represents a significant achievement for ONA members and provides important protections and benefits that will improve their working conditions and quality of life. The negotiations process was lengthy and challenging, but ONA was able to secure a fair and equitable agreement that addresses the needs of its members while ensuring high-quality care for patients.