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Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

D.No: 29-26-60, Jagadamvari St


Best dialysis center in Vijayawada

Dialysis is a type of treatment that removes waste and excess fluid from your blood. It’s used to treat kidney failure, which can happen when your kidneys no longer work properly. BeLeaf Multispeciality Hospital offers the best dialysis treatment 24/7 in Vijayawada.

Why do you need dialysis?

When you have kidney failure your body cannot get rid of extra water and waste products. Dialysis is the removal of the water and waste products. Dialysis is one of the options for managing kidney failure. Dialysis filters out toxins, wastes and extra fluid. It doesn’t replace your kidneys, nor does it return your kidney function to normal. However, it does help to improve your health and help people continue to live even after their kidneys have failed. Starting dialysis, and being on it for a period of time, can be overwhelming and a major life adjustment. being well prepared will make a big difference. If your kidneys are failing or have failed, dialysis is incredibly important.

Types of dialysis

There are two basic forms of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, and both can accomplish the same goals. During hemodialysis, you or a member of your care team will connect you to a dialysis machine, which will pull blood out of your body, clean the blood, and then return the cleaned blood to your body. The “cleaning” process replaces what your kidney used to do, and the machine does this by using an artificial membrane called a dialyzer. The machine is used for three to four hours at a time, three to four times per week, either at your home or in a dialysis clinic. During peritoneal dialysis, instead of using an artificial membrane called a dialyzer, we use a membrane from your own body called the peritoneum, which is a sac located behind your abdominal muscles and in front of your intestines. This sac is filled with clean fluid, and then toxins from your body gradually flow into the clean fluid. A few hours later, the fluid that contains toxins is drained from the peritoneal sac, which removes the toxins from your body. The peritoneal sac is filled with clean fluid and the process repeats itself. This is done four or five times per day or can be done with a machine overnight while you sleep.
Best Dialysis Center In Vijayawada

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